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Graphic Design at California College of the Arts
Concept, Design, Animation

Client: CCA
CCA approached former students Michael Rigley(Part 1, Ejay), Jason Kerr (Part 3, Helen), and myself (Part 2, James) with the opportunity to create a promotional video for the Graphic Design program. We see a lot of talking heads in these videos, and we thought it would be interesting to see if we could create something different. Part of this came from a desire to make something truly unique within the genre of marketing videos for education, but we also recognized a need to make a video with more universal application.
Instead of showing someone who is currently attending the college, we tried to create the feeling of being a student, inviting them to project their own identity upon the experience.

In the end, we interviewed several students, collected their work, and did our best to animate their pieces in a way that matched their personality.

The Last Cap Title Sequence
Design, Animation
These titles evolved out of a need to define the experience of a short speculative fiction story about life on earth after sea floors collapse and an oil wrought ocean brings the majority of living organisms on earth to extinction.
In a similar vein, I mixed together some classical and ambient songs as a hypothetical soundtrack or aural moodboard.

You can download it here

Barracuda: The Power of One
Design, Direction, Animation

Client: Seagate
Studio: Studio B Films
To celebrate the release of their new 3TB hard drive, Seagate asked Studio B Films to create a spot that would illustrate the core values of the Barracuda brand while also conveying the technological advancements that had made it possible.

I worked with Studio B to help a developing concept come to life by defining a unique aesthetic language for Barracuda while still echoing the Seagate brand.

Scales Title Sequence
Design, Animation
Based on the short story by Alastair Reynolds, this title sequence focuses on the idea of becoming your enemy in the process of fighting them.

Listen to the reading by Reynolds here.

Stripped of Cognition
Concept, Direction, Photography, Post
Stripped of Cognition is based on an essay written by Nick Navarro regarding his relationship with time. He perceives time to be a construction by humanity to give context to our existence. “But in truth,” he says, “time is an abstract moment with no beginning and no end,” asserting that one would never be able to see time in its purest format unless they were stripped of memory or significant cognition.
The film creates an experience in which time is compressed and memory dissolves for the subject and in turn, the viewer as well. Only when the structure of our reality is breached can time be perceived in its true form.

MFA Fine Arts at CCA
Concept, Photography, Editing, Animation
Jason Kerr and I collaborated on this promotional video for CCA's MFA in Fine Arts program. Knowing all too well the dangers of elongated talking head interviews, we knew we wanted to do something different. When the Fine Arts department told us to get weird, we knew we were on the same page. After spending extensive time with the graduate students, talking, interviewing, and sitting in on classes, we began to shoot the first person narrative of the MFA experience at CCA.
To do this, we built a home made SnorriCam out of some wood shop scraps, bolts, and an old skateboard deck. The resulting film is a compressed account of the continued education in fine arts, as told through the perspectives of students at every stage.

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